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Frequently Ask Questions


Q: What is ConcepTalk?
A: We are a creative marketing agency with 10+ experience with services ranging from visual design, social media mangement, digital marketing and strategy, who are happly help you solve your marketing problem to meet your business goals.

Q: What services are available at ConceptTalk?
A: We are focusing on 3 main services, namely Digital Products, Graphic Design, and Social Media. If you need further details about our services and work, you can click here.

Q: Can I ask for a printed portfolio?
A: It’s a pleasure for us to send you a printed portfolio. Just fill out and complete the form on our contact page first and we will send our company information and portfolio right away.

Q: How to work with ConceptTalk?
A: Its very easy just Email us or call our office to discuss what your business needs most right now.

Q: Can I ask for a price list for the ConcepTalk services?
A: Our pricing is tailor made to your needs and requirements, because we believe all things are unique and different. Let’s meet to discuss your plan and need for your business and we will arrange the best service and price based on your business goals.