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Frequently Ask Questions


Q: What is ConcepTalk?
A: We are a creative agency focused on print and digital marketing execution & strategy, who are willing to help you meet your business goals.

Q: What services are available at ConceptTalk?
A: We have 3 main services, namely Digital Products, Graphic Design, and Social Media. For more information, you can click here.

Q: Can I ask for a printed portfolio?
A: We will be happy to send you a printed portfolio. Please fill out the form on our contact page first and we will send it right away.

Q: How to work with ConceptTalk?
A: Email us or call our office to discuss what your business needs most right now.

Q: Can I ask for a price list for the ConcepTalk service?
A: Our pricing is custom made to your needs and requirements, because we believe all things are unique, including your business. Please contact us for our services to discuss your needs.