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4 Best Free Tools to Generate Content Ideas

4 Best Free Tools to Generate Content Ideas

Content writing is a long journey. You start out with a simple idea, then research and look for sources that might take your idea further. Sometimes you get lost as you write a sentence, and do it over and over again. As your boss reminds you your content should be engaging, attracting leads, or improving the sales, reality hits you and you get overwhelmed. Don’t overthink it! We have created a list of helpful tools for creating your content.

1.  Answer the Public

AnswerThePublic is autocompleted data from search engines such as Google to show you every question people are searching for and the keywords you type. It is a source of consumer insights that you can use to create fresh and very useful content, products, services, and what your consumers need.

2.  Exploding Topics

This tool analyzes millions of searches, conversations, and mentions on the internet. With algorithms, these tools identify industries and products in certain categories, months or years before launch. So, you can get valuable insights and map the trends for your content or even company.

3.  Portent

A creative and catchy headline is the first step to building engaging content and convincing your audience to read and respond to your copy. Portent is a generator that helps you come up with content titles. Simply type in your subject and the generator will spin up a creative title for you. You can combine, change it a bit, or put some words to get the best headline.

4.  BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a cloud-based platform that helps you discover the best content, engagement, and outreach opportunities across social media and search engines. Discover new keywords, trending stories, customer questions and successful content from other brands, all while monitoring what’s most important to your brand.

The tools listed above can help find and sharpen ideas for creating content, but the most magnificent tools to bring fresh ideas are your brains and your creativity. So, you still need to know your audience incredibly well and understand the challenges you face to create relevant content. Yet, these tools definitely can make the content creation process so much easier.