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Freemium Photoshop, is it that good?

Freemium Photoshop, is it that good?

The most popular software in the creative industry, Adobe Photoshop, finally has started testing a free-to-use version on the web. The idea to bring Photoshop to the web was announced in 2021, to answer the needs of solo working during work from home (WFH). Adobe Inc knows for sure that it isn’t easy to send the files in progress while everyone is away from each other. Rather than giving the large PSD files, collaborators will be able to provide feedback and check the works immediately.

Adobe Inc plans to open the web version in selected markets in October 2022, and now testing in Canada through a free account. Adobe describes the new service as “freemium” and eventually plans to provide some features that will be exclusive to paying subscribers. Meanwhile, the web version only prepares the core functions, like the ability to convert Smart Objects, refine curves, edges, the dodge, and burn tools. 

The main goal is to make Photoshop more accessible and enticing for everyone to try the full version in the future. Adobe Inc doesn’t convey a timeline on when the freemium version would launch more widely. In the meantime, the company is still continuing to upgrade the web with more tools and getting mobile support for giving feedback.

This free photoshop tools has a surprising number of image manipulation tools, include brushes, layers, gradients, various smart selections, gaussian blur, cropping and rotation, curves, dodge and burn, clone stamp, content-aware fill, text layers, and more. Adobe says this will eventually morph into a freemium product in which some features are behind a paywall, presumably tied to a Creative Cloud subscription.  

Some people may not look at this news as a good opportunity because of the subscription service, but according to, the Photoshop web version has 90 percent of the basic tools that everyone needs. Compared to some online tools which are usable but not optimized, Photoshop has provided the lack a proper photo editing app on Chrome OS.