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Which one is it? Influencer or Brand Ambassador

Which one is it? Influencer or Brand Ambassador

As traditional advertising has been shifting these days, words-of-mouth marketing gain momentum after the pandemic. The rising of social commerce makes audience behavior change in several ways, including their trust in brands. Today’s audience prefer to hear honest opinions about others’ experiences with the brand. So, whether it’s influencer or brand ambassador, these two strategies effectively drive awareness and sales in a trustworthy way. But for some people, influencer it’s just a synonym for brand ambassador and vice versa. In this article, we’ll explore how they are different and which one you need to fit your marketing purposes.

The main distinction between influencer and brand ambassador is the nature with the brand and the way a brand manages them. An influencer is someone who has the ability to affect the audience’s decision based on their opinion. It’s usually generally a campaign-based and short-term partnership. Meanwhile, an ambassador is involved for a longer period and deeper level because their partnership reflect the bigger purpose. Instead, you want to find ambassadors whose personal brand complements yours and build strong relations.

The period of partnership greatly affects the bonding between brand and your audience, so you need to consider which strategy works best to gain social traction. The influencers can be a good kickstart for emerging brands looking for an audience, especially for the product launch stage where awareness is the main goal. Meanwhile, brand ambassador will help your brand to create a trusted community and build a true connection between the consumer and brand. The brand ambassador is the presentation of your product, value, and has a unique impact point that affects the audience. So, have you decided which one you need?