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Social Media TikTok Turn In To A Popular Search Engine?

Social Media TikTok Turn In To A Popular Search Engine?

You all know one of the popular social media today, TikTok has taken advantage of its new features to increase its value from just a short video platform to a search engine. Most people who use Google to look for information wonder if TikTok has the same potential as other search engines. But then they realized TikTok was a big deal when they found a whole segment of people who treated TikTok as a search engine. So, if you are one of them, you must read this article!


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There are several reasons why people use TikTok as a search engine tool. First, people prefer visuals over reading a lot of words for information. We’re always on the lookout for visuals because they evoke emotion better, and short videos attract people with visual and fast information in them. Second, many are no longer satisfied with Google’s results that offers precise keyword, but incomplete information.

Not only that, It is well known that Tik Tok is the popular go to social app for Gen Z, surprising statistic came out showing that 40% of Gen Z users prefere using Tik Tok and Instagram as a search engine over Google for discovery purposes. TikTok has provided a platform for academics, health professionals, lawyers, construction workers, and more knowledge that is not always easily accessible and also Tik Tok user can find almost anything from fashion trends, the best beauty products, or just cooking recipes to try.

So, is TikTok really a potential search engine? Well, according to research in the US, TikTok is not suitable for keeping up with the latest news and events. That’s because they don’t trust TikTok as the source, alleging that the app is spreading misinformation. People also trust Google more than TikTok for a more serious topics. Meanwhile, TikTok searches are better suited for finding tips, trends, recipes, hobbies, and information and less serious topics. In conclusion, adjust the search engine you use for the information you need, and make sure to back up the information you received.